Albany, NY – In response to Rep John Faso’s decision to vote yes in the Budget Committee  for the American Health Care Act, Karen Scharff, executive director of Citizen Action of New York, said:

John Faso just sold out his entire district in the name of tax cuts for the richest one percent. Faso was the deciding vote on the House Budget Committee and had the opportunity to stop the devastating GOP Plan. Instead of protecting the health of the people that voted him into office, he voted yes to taking away insurance from 24 million people, including 2.7 million New Yorkers. He voted yes to cuts to Medicaid impacting seniors, children, and people with disabilities. He voted yes to defunding Planned Parenthood, higher out-of-pocket costs and the return of unaffordable high risk pools. Faso voted yes to raising insurance rates on older New Yorkers, cuts to New York State of $3.7 billion in federal funding and cuts to counties of nearly $600 million. He also voted yes to $525 billion in tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations.

Thousands of his constituents have called, emailed and written to John Faso, and turned out to rallies and meetings all across the district, saying Vote No and save our healthcare. It’s a shame that he couldn’t find the courage to do the right thing. Citizen Action urges all of Faso’s constituents to keep fighting to stop this plan: call John Faso and tell him to vote against this plan when it comes to the floor.”



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