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The United States men’s soccer team failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 30+ years, and I am completely and utterly devastated. Poet Clint Smith put the loss in a political context:

“The country is more and more isolated. Adversaries are emboldened, allies don’t trust us, policies pour out of the current Administration that further entrench the U.S. in a dangerous nationalism. The beauty of the World Cup is that while thirty-two countries get to cheer for their respective teams, the event also affirms a global pluralism—it is as much a festival of cultural multiplicity as it is a competition featuring some of the best athletes in the world. This year, I yearned for the U.S. to be part of that celebration. I thought it might help remind us that we weren’t meant to navigate this world alone.”

That sense of isolation–both as a country and as individuals–can be demoralizing. It’s important for us in this political moment to stick together, to celebrate difference, and see ourselves as part of a larger whole. No activist is an island.

– Ravi

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The New York City Chapter of Citizen Action joined downstate justice organizations to demand City Council pass the Right to Know Act. Hundreds of activists came out to show their support.

The Right to Know Act is comprised of two bills. The first would require officers to identify themselves and the reason for their intervention. The second would end unconstitutional searches by requiring officers to seek consent. The legislative package is designed to curb police abuses by improving transparency and accountability.

Lisa Tyson, Director of the Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC), stands up to a Trump supporter during a roundtable discussion on NFL players taking a knee. (Watch the full video.)


October 18th & 19th – Citizen Action chapters across the state will be mobilizing to push back against cuts to critical health care programs, like DSH and CHIP. Join rallies and actions in Long Island, Kingston, Utica, Hudson, Binghamton, Glens Falls, and other cities in New York. Find the Nearest Action


Utica  Saturday, Oct 14th from 11 am – 5 pm – JAM (Justice, Arts, Music) Fest – Celebrate progressive values through music, arts, food, and family fun. Three venues and dozens of exciting acts. RSVP on Facebook

Buffalo Saturday, Oct 14th from 9 am – 4:30 pm – Anti-Gentrification Summit – A community conversation on the impacts of gentrification. There will also be discussion on the school-to-prison pipeline, racial dynamics, housing, transit, and Community Benefits Agreements. RSVP on Facebook

Binghamton – Sunday, Oct 15th at 1 pm – Fall Community Canvas – Hit the streets with activists in the Southern Tier to talk to residents about issues affecting the community. RSVP on Facebook


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