Albany, NY – In response to the House budget resolution, Citizen Action of New York Executive Director Karen Scharff issued the following statement:

“The budget resolution passed by House Republicans is a clear attack on working people, children, and seniors. It cuts almost $2 trillion from Medicare and Medicaid over the next decade, in order to extend large tax breaks to hedge funders, CEOs, and other billionaires.

Additionally, the resolution siphons funds from education, disability services, and nutrition programs that support the needs of low-income women and newborn babies.

This resolution paves the way for a GOP tax bill that calls for the elimination of state and local tax deductions, which would mean a massive tax increase for many middle-class New Yorkers. We are appalled that our representatives would support a resolution that hurts so many of their constituents. Reps. Tenney, Faso, Stefanik, Zeldin, Donovan, Collins, and Reed have made it clear who they stand with, and it is not with the working people of New York.”


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