2019 Annual Jim Perry Progressive Leadership Awards

Honoring Leaders of Grassroots Social Change in the Capital District

Tuesday, October 29, 2019  |  6:00 pm

The bull moose club, 150 state street, 4th fl, Albany, NY 12207

Registration is Open

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The Jim Perry Progressive Leadership Awards are named in honor of Jim Perry, a founding member of Capital District Citizen Action. Jim’s leadership role in Capital District and statewide progressive politics was exemplary. He was the President of the Eleanor Roosevelt Democratic Club from 1985 to 1988, instrumental in forming the Empire State Pride Agenda, and with his dedication to grassroots activism, progressive politics and coalition building the path was paved for Albany’s Human Rights Ordinance. It is with the memories of his actions and words that Capital District Citizen Action presents the annual Jim Perry Progressive Leadership Awards to recipients who have demonstrated a commitment to community activism and leadership. This year will be our twenty-fifth annual awards ceremony.

If you have any questions, please contact Amy Jones at 518.542.6854 or ajones@citizenactionny.org.


2019 Perry Award honorees

Lynne Jackson

Naomi Jaffe

Lauren Manning

Capital District Latinos

Past Perry Award Recipients

2018: Daquetta Jones, Sister Honora Kinney, Doug Bullock, HTC Hilton Albany Hotel Workers, and lifetime achievement award to Karen Scharff

2017: Rev. McKinley B. Johnson, James Larson, Antonella Pechtel, Fazana Saleem-Ismail, Members of NYWaterProject

2016: Taina Asili, Patricia Cumo, Mark Emanatian, Dr. Alice Green, Becky Meier & Robert Connors

2015: Fight for $15 Fast Food Workers, Howard Hubbard, Maureen O’Brien, Dr. Marguerite Vanden Wyngaard

2014: Wayne Bayer, Charlene Benton, Perry Junjulas, New Sanctuary for Immigrants, Sandy Steubing

2013: Kate Breslin, Dominick Calsolaro, Angelica Clarke, Frank Natalie, Susan Weber

2012: Colin Donnaruma, Mabel Leon, Patricia McGeown, Mary E. Sullivan, Willie White

2011: Communications Workers of America Local 1118, Alicia Ortiz, Nora Yates, Sheilah Sable, Beverly Padgett, Bob Radliff

2010: Norma Chapman, Judith Mazza, Vera “Mike” Michelson, Joe Seeman

2009: Ron Deutsch, Laura Haight, Kathy Neuffer, Ken Screven

2008: Sue Bartle, McKinley Jones, Guillermo Perez

2007: Shamshad Ahmad, Geneva Conway, Stephen Winters, Lawrence Wittner

2006: Rezsin Adams, Marsha Mortimer, Steve Redler

2005: James Tierney, Barbara Smith, Maxine Borom

2004: Brother Yusef, Kathleen Scales, Reverend Sam Trumbore

2003: Eleanor Stein, Erin O’Brien, Mark Bobb-Semple, Frank Mauro, Irene Miller

2002: Mel Campos, Drea Leanza, Martha, Leo Levy, Greg Nash, Claire Racicot

2001: Sandi Carroll, Mark Gerling, Ethel Hammett, Pat Hancox, Aaron Mair

1999: Roger, Maria Marcovics, Dave Patrick, Chris Nemeth

1998: Helen Desfosses, Mark Mishler, Michael Richardson

1997: Sheila Healy, Fred Pfeiffer, Lee Wasserman

1996: Mindy Berman, Rev. Dr. H. Ward Greer, Bill Ritchie

1995: John Funiciello, Libby Post

1994: Judith Enck, Tom Keefe

1993: Nancy Burton, Keith St. John, Sharon Ward

1992: Anne Pope, Carol Reichert