Celebrating May 1st as May Day started in Chicago in 1886 as part of the labor movement’s fight for the eight-hour work day. May Day, the international workers’ holiday, was born in the United States! Today we are still fighting for workers rights. This year’s Day of Action planned by Cosecha will end with a rally at 5pm at the Federal Plaza in Albany on N. Pearl St. at Clinton Ave. We hope to see you there, {{ FirstName | default: ‘Friend’ }}.

Below is additional information about today as well as actions and meetings taking place in Albany and Schenectady concerning Sanctuary Cities, Climate Justice, Workers and Consumers Rights and more!

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Monday, May 1st – May Day
Cosecha Upstate NY led the planning for International May Day in Albany and more groups are joining each day to stand up for workers rights, all workers rights including immigrants. This day long celebration kicks-off at 11AM and ends with a culminating event at 5PM in downtown Albany.

Tuesday, May 2nd – Schenectady Resistance Conference Call – 6:00PM
What is next in and for Schenectady? What is the status of our Sanctuary City efforts? What work will we do around voter registration and elections?
The call-in information is as follows:
Conference Call-In Number: 712-775-7035
Access Code: 472832#

Monday, May 8th – March on City Hall – 6:30PM – Union College, Schenectady
Union College Students will march from Union College to Schenectady City Hall on Monday, May 8. They will begin in front of College Park Hall and depart at 6:30 pm. Currently approximately 30 students have signed up and plan on attending the city council meeting and letting the councilmembers know that Union students support sanctuary status.

Tuesday, May 9th – Stop Big Corporations from Hurting Workers and Consumers – 11:30AM – Million Dollar Staircase, State Capitol, Albany
We are fighting to  give protections against forced arbitration, strengthen the rights of workers against wage and hour and other labor law violations and the rights of consumers against abusive debt collection, credit and other consumer scams, and enhance the efforts of overstaffed state enforcement agencies.
Lobbying visits will be held throughout the day. Let us know if you’re interested.
For more information and to RSVP, contact Bob Cohen at bcohen@citizenactionny.org

Wednesday, May 17th – Climate Justice Conference Call – 6:00PM
It’s time to check in! The NYS Legislature has less than 2 months to pass the Climate and Community Protection Act. Let’s check in and discuss where the legislation currently is and what we can do to call upon Governor Cuomo and area Assemblymembers and Senators to move this important act forward.
The call-in information is as follows:
Conference Call-In Number: 712-775-7035
Access Code: 472832#

June 3rd & 4th –Justice Works – Desmond Hotel, Albany
We’re bringing together a cross section of progressive
politics and activism in New York State at a time when
our united power, coordination and understanding
is essential to beat back the powers of hate and greed. Join us!  #JusticeWorksNY      justiceworksny.org