Dear Activist,

I hope this email finds you and your loved ones in good health. As we adjust to social distancing, our community of activists and organizers have been finding creative ways to stay connected to the movement and each other. From starting book clubs to gathering donations online, this community knows how to come together when times get rough.

One of my favorite quotes says: Love for family and the love of friends are the greatest wealth, and the tragedy of true poverty is that it strips those away.” The state budget is being finalized (due Wednesday) and Governor Cuomo is insisting on cutting funding for Medicaid during a global health crisis, and warns of more education cuts. He took executive action to cancel mortgage payments, but left relief for renters in the air. And while emergency benefits are available to some New Yorkers impacted by COVID-19, many workers are left out. There are tens of thousands of people without permanent housing and out of work.

Everything we’ve been fighting for has come down to this moment, and this moment will go down in history. New York must raise the revenue we desperately need right now by taxing the wealthiest in our state! We have a few more days to impact the budget – look below to see how we’re showing up virtually to demand a fair one!  Oh, and check out our new website