In response to Senator Bernie Sanders suspending his campaign in the Democratic presidential primary, Stanley Fritz, Political Director, Citizen Action of New York, released the following statement:

“Bernie’s campaigns recognized something that most election campaigns don’t. The only way we can win real justice for our communities in the long term and defeat Donald Trump in November is by turning voters into organizers. Together, we’ve transformed the conversation in U.S. politics and inspired a new generation of community organizers to run for office. We thank Bernie Sanders for being the candidate that this moment required. Over the last month, he shifted his campaign to provide direct support to people across the country impacted by COVID-19. 

It’s clearer than ever that our society is only as strong as the most vulnerable. In this global crisis we see why bold progressive policies that guarantee housing and health care for all aren’t just right, they’re what’s necessary. Donald Trump and the Republican Party have spent the last three years undermining every safety net this country has, while waging a war on the poor, Black, Brown, and undocumented people. The vision that Trump is doubling down on, one that bails out Wall Street banks and big corporations at the expense of everyday people, especially Black and Brown people, is exactly the one that failed us in our moment of greatest need. But most people believe that our communities are stronger when we care for our neighbors and work together. 

As Citizen Action continues to work to defeat Trump, we know just how much power our state and local governments have to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all New Yorkers. In June and November, we have the opportunity to elect people to the state legislature who aren’t just candidates – but organizers like Bernie, committed to moving New York forward on the path towards justice.”