Albany, NY—  In response to the New York State Senate Democratic Conference winning a supermajority weeks after the election, Citizen Action Co-Executive Director Rosemary Rivera released the following statement: 

“This election has proven that New Yorkers want relief, not excuses, from a Governor who would rather protect the rich than meet the desperate needs of our communities. Governor Cuomo may downplay the significance of a supermajority, claiming that Senators are not on the same page with each other. The reality is that most Senators are on the same page as the people of New York—that too many people are struggling to pay rent, buy food, and educate their children.

“Supermajority means veto-proof. It means that now the main thing preventing state leaders from taxing the richest New Yorkers to care for those hit hardest by this pandemic is a lack of moral courage and political will. During an unprecedented election, New Yorkers voted in record numbers because they know what is at stake. As Cuomo said, everything happens in the budget, and the budget tells us where our priorities lie. With a supermajority, we have more elected officials willing to fight for a budget that invests in our communities, puts people before profits, and ensures stability and a recovery for all New Yorkers.”