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Kim Moscaritolo and Rebecca Lamorte Bring New Energy and Progressive Ideas in NYC Council District 5 Election 

by | May 25, 2021 | New York City, Press Releases

New York, NY – With early voting set to begin on June 12, Citizen Action of New York is proud to announce its ranked-choice endorsement of Kim Moscaritolo and Rebecca Lamorte. Kim and Rebecca are the top two progressives in the district and have bold visions for their communities.  

Kim, an Emmy Award-winning journalist and longtime community advocate, has fought for marriage equality and environmental justice. Rebecca is a member of Community Board 8 and has fought for workers’ rights, including the fight for a $15 minimum wage, and housing justice. Both candidates share Citizen Action’s vision for a New York that works for the many, not the few.

“When most people think about Council District 5, the Upper East Side is the only area that gets considered. Kim and Rebecca’s understanding of that district goes beyond the zip code with some of the city’s richest people,” said Jamell Henderson, Citizen Action NYC Regional Board Chair. “East Harlem has been neglected for far too long, and we’re excited to support two candidates who see the value in those communities.” 

“I’m thrilled to receive Citizen Action of New York’s #1 rank endorsement! Our city must elect leaders with bold ideas to fight for our democracy, climate justice, and for affordable housing. I’m excited to work with Citizen Action to achieve those goals and create a more equitable city,” said Kim Moscaritolo, candidate for New York City Council District 5. 

“I am so proud to have Citizen Action’s endorsement as we continue to fight for racial, economic, disability, and housing justice in our race to represent City Council District 5,” said Rebecca Lamorte, candidate for New York City Council District 5. “Citizen Action understands that it is truly possible to transform our society when we harness grassroots energy to elect progressive candidates up and down the ballot. I am honored that Citizen Action is joining our broad, people-powered coalition, and together I know we can grow our movement and guarantee every New Yorkers’ basic needs are met, and their voices are heard.