Albany, NY – In response to the Attorney General’s report detailing Governor Cuomo’s misconduct and sexual harassment of multiple women, Jess Wisneski, Citizen Action Co-Executive Director, is demanding that Governor resign immediately. She released the following statement:

“The details in the Attorney General’s report about Governor Cuomo’s misconduct are horrific. We’re glad to see the survivors’ allegations substantiated, as we knew they would be. Andrew Cuomo’s bullying and harassment is far too familiar in Albany, and we are so grateful to the women who risked their safety and careers to stand up to him.

“The type of environment this administration has created is not representative of a government for the people. The people of New York deserve better. We can only hope that this dark chapter will move us closer to ending the systems of oppression that have harmed and held back so many people.

“Attorney General Tish James did her job. The evidence is clear. Andrew Cuomo needs to put the people of New York State before himself and resign today.”