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Citizen Action Backs Slate of Progressive Candidates Ahead of November General Election

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Hudson Valley, Press Releases

Kingston, NY – Citizen Action of New York’s Hudson Valley chapter announced endorsements for a slate of progressive candidates who will fight for housing as a human right, environmental justice, health care for all and more.

“These candidates represent our vision for a Hudson Valley where everyone has what they need to live a good life. Choosing strong candidates that can ensure a solid Working Families-Democratic majority in Ulster County and throughout the region means that our communities’ priorities will come first. We are certain these candidates will champion our rights and make the future much brighter for Hudson Valley families,” said Alim Flowers, Citizen Action lead organizer.

The candidates for Ulster County Legislature endorsed by Citizen Action include Aaron Levin (District 1), Abe Uchitelle (District 5), Phil Erner (District 6), Marissa McClinton (District 12) and Kathy Nolan for re-election (District 22). The chapter also endorsed Daniel Degan for Dutchess County Legislature (District 2), Barbara Hill for Kingston Common Council (Ward 1), Rennie Scott-Childress for Alderman (Ward 3), Laura Nordstrom for Alderwoman (Ward 7), Michele Hirsch for re-election as Alderwoman (Ward 9), and Robert Drake for Shandaken Town Board.

“I have deep respect for the work of Citizen Action and look to the organization for guidance on many key topics of community concern as well as state and national issues. Citizen Action’s commitment and dedication towards more diversity, inclusiveness and equity in our communities encourages me to be bold, unafraid and willing to be on the front line to create this change in the City of Kingston,” said Barbara Hill, candidate for Kingston Common Council Ward 1. 

“I am honored and inspired to have received the endorsement of Citizen Action. We will work side-by-side to create a society that delivers liberty, justice and opportunity for all instead of some,” said Daniel Degan, candidate for Dutchess County Legislature, District 2. 

“I’m tremendously grateful to be endorsed by Citizen Action, an organization fighting to better our society through grassroots organizing. Their endorsement is a reflection of our campaign’s mission to bring people together and achieve a society that works for us all,” said Aaron Levine, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 1.

“I look forward to collaborating with Citizen Action to win election as the next legislator for Ulster County District 6 because of your work to build power among, and facilitate leadership by, those most impacted and especially disfranchised by gender, race and class. Citizen Action works to increase electoral participation; to demand funds owed and long denied for housing, health care and education; to end mass incarceration; to bring about environmental & climate justice; and to strengthen labor and uplift workers,” said Phil Erner, candidate for Ulster County, District 6. “Citizen Action has a record of success in mobilizing communities, passing legislation, and obtaining funds for key issues. I have volunteered with Citizen Action over the years especially on your electoral campaigns, and am excited now to be the subject of one.”

“Citizen Action has long been on the frontlines of some of the most important issues facing our county and its residents. Their proactive engagement with the community makes them an invaluable resource for elected leaders and it is an honor to receive their endorsement,” said Abe Uchitelle, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 5. 

“Citizen Action is where decisions are made with integrity, honesty, and empathy and I strive daily to be a citizen in action,” said Marissa McClinton, candidate for Ulster County Legislature, District 12. 

“I am excited to receive Citizen Action’s endorsement and look forward to championing the goals of one of the most powerful and diverse organizations calling for progressive change in Ulster County,” said Kathy Nolan, candidate for re-election for Ulster County Legislature, District 22. 

“Citizen Action members are morally driven. They work to establish public policies rooted in social justice and to build community from the bottom up. I share these values and have fought for Kingston’s sanctuary city status, our municipal ID program, the development of affordable housing such as the Alms House, and much more that fits squarely in the Citizen Action agenda.  For these reasons, I am proud to be endorsed by Citizen Action for the 2021 Common Council race in Ward 3. I look forward to cooperating closely with Citizen Action to foster a Kingston that works for everyone,” said Rennie Scott-Childress, candidate for Alderman, Ward 3. 

“It is an honor to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action. They have been advocating for transformational change for years, so having the support of a nonprofit grassroots organization that fights for our community like they do makes me really proud. To be recognized, especially as a first time candidate, as someone who will put in the work and make a difference is inspiring,” said Laura Nordstrom, candidate for Alderwoman Ward 7.

“I am honored to have the endorsement of Citizen Action for re-election and I will continue to push for equitable housing for all in our community,” said Michele Hirsch, candidate for Alderwoman, Ward 9.

“Whether it be access to housing or healthcare, or the desire we all have to be part of a supportive community, the issues most important to Citizen Action are shared by the citizens of Shandaken.  It’s an incredible honor to receive the Citizen Action endorsement as we all work together to make New York better,” said Robert Drake, candidate for Shandaken Town Board. 

Citizen Action of New York is a grassroots organization with eight regional chapters and thousands of active members across New York State. The organization works on issues important to our communities, including limiting the influence of money in politics, guaranteeing livable wages and economy-boosting jobs, strong public schools, ending mass incarceration, and more.