Citizen Action of New York Endorses Slate of Progressive Candidates Ahead of 2022 June Primaries

by | Feb 23, 2022 | New York City, Press Releases

New York, NY Citizen Action of New York is thrilled to announce a slate of NYC Candidates that we will be endorsing for the upcoming 2022 election cycle. These candidates share many of the values that we do, and we are confident in their ability to lead New York to a brighter and more progressive future. We must take the necessary steps to guarantee that every person has a safe, stable place to live; that every child has quality care and education; and we all live in healthy, resilient communities. These candidates are proven champions that are committed to making this vision a reality for every New Yorker and that’s why we are in full support of their campaigns. 

“These candidates are true public servants who have a history of fighting for the best interests of all New Yorkers,” said Ivette Alfonso, President of Citizen Action of New York. “We are proud to stand with them as they fight for progressive values, and deliver true reform at all levels of government. I am confident in their ability to lead as we prioritize building a New York that truly represents the working-class.”

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of Citizen Action of NY,” said Rana Abdelhamid, candidate for the NYS 12th Congressional District. “Like Citizen Action of NY, I believe together we can create a world where equity is the norm, oppression is a thing of the past, and justice for all is central to every issue we address. I am beyond excited to add their support to our progressive coalition and to fight alongside them to advance racial, social, and economic justice for all New Yorkers — both in NY-12 and in Congress. Let’s do this!”

“I am honored and excited to be endorsed by Citizen Action. I joined my local chapter the day it launched because I saw them doing the important work of bringing tenants, workers and everyday people together to stand up for our rights and dignity. Together, we will advance an agenda for justice, healing and opportunity in NY-11.” said Brittany Ramos DeBarros, candidate for NYS 11th congressional District.

“Citizen Action has been a champion for so many of the issues that matter in our communities, like racial justice, criminal legal reform, and housing justice. I’m excited to work alongside them to fight for the better world all of our neighbors deserve.” said Samy Nemir Olivares, candidate for NYS’s 54th Assembly District.

“I’m proud to be endorsed by Citizen Action — an organization that leads the charge on big issues like healthcare, education and housing. Together, we’ll build a world where equity and justice for all is the norm.” said Keron Alleyne, candidate for the NYS 60th Assembly District.

“I am honored to be endorsed by Citizen Action. From ensuring we have a robust Universal Childcare program to passing common sense parole reforms, we have a lot of work to do and I look forward to partnering with Citizen Action members to fight for a fairer New York when I’m in Albany.” said Jessica Altagracia Woolford, candidate for the NYS 81st Assembly District.

“Citizen Action’s commitment to building a justice-rooted movement is why I’m proud to receive their endorsement. I’m excited to organize with Citizen Action towards their vision of a world where every person’s needs are met,” said Jonathan Soto, candidate for the NYS 82nd Assembly District. “Our priorities are aligned and we’re ready to take on this fight to build people-power in the East Bronx.”