We Believe in an Equitable Education System

We believe a just education system will consider our children’s needs from cradle to career. Our students need a fully funded and equitable system of education where every school’s mission is to provide an excellent education in an environment that is conducive to teaching, learning, parental and community engagement, respecting cultural differences and reflective of the community they serve.

Every Student Deserves a Quality Education

Every child, regardless of their zip code, deserves a high-quality public education system in which they are able to grow emotionally, mentally, culturally, and creatively. So we must:

  • Ensure the $4 billion in foundation aid reaches school districts in need.
  • Create a positive school climate free of police that reinforce the school-to-prison pipeline.
  • Implement age-appropriate restorative discipline instead of relying on suspensions.

Education Justice is a part of Our Justice Agenda for 2022. Click here to read the full Justice Agenda and get involved in the fight!

New York State's Education Crisis

New York State owes public schools $3.8 billion in Foundation Aid to meet the basic educational needs of students. Across the state, student poverty is increasing, and school districts in those areas are more dependent on the state to provide adequate school aid. High-need school districts — which are predominantly Black, Brown and low-income — need access to more resources. Superintendents in high-need school districts report an overwhelming concern about the well-being and school readiness of their students. The effects of the resource shortage include a shortage of teachers and school counselors, overcrowded classrooms, outdated technology, and crumbling school buildings.

New York State parents, students and  advocates secured a major victory in the 2021 legislative session, when, after 12 years, the New York State Legislature committed to full funding of the state’s Foundation Aid school funding formula. The first installment of a three-year phase-in – an increase of $1.4 billion – will be followed by an estimated $2.5 billion increase over the next two years.

“Leaders in our community have worked hard to improve school climate, deepen parent engagement, and uplift student voice—and we have seen real, measurable results.”
Rosemary Rivera

Co-Executive Director, Citizen Action of New York

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