jessenashclinicWe are getting closer to winning real health care reform than we have ever been before. It’s not perfect, true – but we are going to win something. It’s a major battle that we are about to win, with a bit more work!

But, it’s really important that we keep in mind the larger war. The proposed closings of the two clinics on Buffalo’s East Side shows just how divided we are. While the majority of Americans see health care as a human right, and want to see everyone have access to quality affordable health care – there are others who are in the minority that would love to deny it to those who cannot afford it. It’s very clear cut. The actions of Erie County Executive, Chris Collins, are based on denying access to populations that he doesn’t deem important.

I say this to make the point that these 2 issues, which seem on the surface to be very different, are actually two aspects to the same issue – the same war. And we have to fight on both fronts to win what we truly believe in: that every single American has a right to quality, affordable and accessible health care.

It’s an issue of social and racial justice, but not just an issue of justice. It’s also an economic issue. The more Americans who are covered by health care, the more individuals who have access to health care services, the healthier the population will become. The healthier the population, the more productive the work force. The more productive the workforce, the stronger our economy becomes… and of course it ripples out into lowering the cost of health care for everyone.

That is why on Tuesday we are holding a vigil for federal health care reform – but we are also going to rally for the clinics. Because when it comes down to it, we know that “All Politics is Local.”

5pm Tuesday the 8th at Lafayette Square in downtown Buffalo – see you there!


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