Buffalo’s New Board of Education

Earlier this week, residents in the City of Buffalo made their voices heard. A new school board was elected on Tuesday. The community demanded a school board that will make Buffalo's public schools the best they can be so that their children have the opportunity they...

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Caravan to Restore the American Promise: A Recap (with media)

The Statewide Caravan to Restore the American Promise was a massive effort by Citizen Action of New York and our many coalition partners and supporters to draw attention to the fact that right now, politicians are working to strip away our social safety net in order to repay a debt caused by corporate greed. We traveled across New York State to hold lawmakers accountable for their attempts to fix the budget by compromising the quality of life, comfort, and dignity of working families, disabled people, children, and our senior citizens – our greatest generation – in their final years.

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Students First: The Reality Tour

Today, Citizen Action of New YorkThe Alliance for Quality Education, and New York State United Teachers launched a statewide campaign called “Students First: The Reality Tour.”

At a press conference in the Legislative Office Building in Albany, AQE Executive Director Billy Easton spoke adamantly about the negative effects of Governor Cuomo’s budget cuts to education that are now being identified across the state as local school budgets pass. Last year, 10,000 school employees lost their jobs, including teachers, administrators, secretaries, aides, librarians, and other indiduals. Class sizes have increased, many essential in-school and after-school programs have been cut, and schools have been permanently closed. This year, 16,000 more school employees will also lose their jobs.

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Capitol Camp-In Live Coverage!

On Wednesday, March 30th, hundreds of concerned New Yorkers will converge upon the state Capitol to protest a devastating state budget that puts millionaires before working class New Yorkers. Organizations participating include Alliance for Quality Education, Citizen...

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Justice Works: A Conference for Progressive New York

This year’s Citizen Action leadership conference is the event that the progressive movement in New York has been waiting for. It’s the event our movement needs to grow stronger and move forward. It’s the event that you, as a progressive, need to attend, so that you can share your experiences, ideas, and skills with other progressive activists who have a deep passion for justice and who believe that we have the power to make New York a better place for everyone.

Justice Works: A Conference for Progressive New York – is a new event like none other in New York.

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