Citizen Action Commemorates Two Years Since the Buffalo Massacre

by | May 14, 2024 | Press Releases, Western New York

Citizen Action of New York and all its members join our community in Western New York, and throughout New York State, in commemorating the two-year anniversary of the Tops supermarket massacre that occurred in Buffalo on May 14th, 2022. We haven’t forgotten the lives of 10 community members that were stolen from us that day by gun violence and white supremacy — Aaron Salter Jr., Celestine Chaney, Roberta A. Drury, Andre Mackniel, Katherine Massey, Margus D. Morrison, Heyward Patterson, Geraldine Talley, Ruth Whitfield, and Pearl Young.

Today, we are reminded just how much this community has endured. As an organization deeply rooted in Western New York, we know first-hand through our community organizers the impact that this tragedy has had on our people, and continue to be inspired by their unity, compassion, and ability to deal. But we also know what Buffalo has faced over the years — ongoing neglect, food insecurity, economic instability, unequal resource allocation, a growing housing crisis, and structural inequalities that have not allowed communities to thrive. 

We call upon our elected officials at both the state and local levels to confront these systemic injustices head-on. Buffalo needs real investment that addresses the root causes of racial disparities, where everyone has equal access to quality education, healthcare, food, affordable housing, and economic opportunities — not a billion dollar stadium renovation.