Add your name to the Resistance Rapid Response

We’re building the statewide movement we need to take on Trump and make health care for all a reality. Build it with us.


Tell the state Senate: Don’t block health care for all!

At a moment when health care for millions is under attack by Republicans in Washington, we need Jeff Klein and Andrew Cuomo to step up with real solutions – not stand in the way.


Gov. Cuomo: Stop Trump’s climate attack!

While we fight the Trump administration every step of the way in D.C., New York must lead on climate change by transitioning to 100% renewable energy. It’s up to Governor Cuomo.





Activist Check In: Scammed by Sham Tax Plan

Dear Activists, Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and while we'll all be tempted to get into heated arguments--i.e. shouting matches--with ultra conservative family members, I implore you to exercise some measure of restraint. Talk is easy. Action is harder. The...

Activist Check In: Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport

Dear Activists, Progressives claimed a number of key victories on Tuesday. Con Con was defeated in a landslide. And in the most satisfying twist of the night, Democrat Danica Roem--an openly transgender woman--defeated one of the most militantly anti-LGBTQ legislators...

Activist Check In: Tentacles in Every Town

Dear Activists, Election Day is on Tuesday, and I couldn't be more excited. Election Day is one of my three favorite not-a-federal-holiday-but-should-be-one days, along with Halloween and National Doughnut Day. We all know that turnout dips in off-year elections, so...

Activist Check In: Citizens In, Donors Out

Dear Activists, Just a friendly reminder to be safe this Halloween season. Don't accept any suspicious treats from Congressional Republicans (especially Reed and Collins, who just voted in support of Trump's budget trickery). And you may want to steer clear of Mike...


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