Tell Sen. Schumer: Reject Jeff Sessions!

We no longer have to “wait and see” what Donald Trump’s administration will be like. His nominees speak for themselves.

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Take On Wall St

Let’s Take On Wall St!

Our economy and our democracy have been taken away from us by Wall St. It’s time to fight back.

Demand Democracy

We’re Here to #DemandDemocracy!

New York’s democracy is in crisis. Every voter’s voice should be heard – every voice should count equally. But right now, billionaires are drowning out the voices of ordinary New Yorkers are far too many voters are discouraged or prevented from voting.




Activist Check-In: We Demand Everything in 2017

Good afternoon unicorns and activists, and welcome to the end of the week! So far, 2017 feels like a mixture of the best decision of my life and that time I convinced myself to sign up for the New York City Marathon. It's a great idea in theory, but then you get there...

Activist Check-In Podcast: Raise the Age with Angelo Pinto

In New York State, 16 and 17-year-olds arrested or detained can be sent to adult prisons and jails. Despite multiple studies that show a teenager’s brain functions are not fully developed, our state insists on charging young people like adults, creating a generation...

New York Needs a Champion

Governor Cuomo’s recent State of the State speeches caused me to consider a significant question: is a “middle class champion” enough in this political moment?

New Report: Investment in Early Learning Will Strengthen New York State

A new report released in collaboration with our partners makes the case for making an increased investment in quality early learning programs in the 2017 New York State budget. Read and download the full report with recommendations below. [scribd id=335992748...


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