Fight for $15!

Governor Cuomo proposed a minimum wage increase, but it’s not enough for families to meet basic needs. If we want a strong economy and jobs that can keep families out of poverty, we need a $15 minimum wage!

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Defend Social Security

Governor Cuomo, fund our schools!

New York has the most racially and economically segregated schools in the nation. But Gov. Cuomo is missing his opportunity to fix that problem through his budget. Tell Governor Cuomo to put public schools before his billionaire backers.

Cuomo's Corruption Challenge

Cuomo’s Corruption Challenge

The problem with our state government is much bigger than politicians who are breaking the law – it’s that there are so many legal ways to be corrupt! Governor Cuomo has promised reform for years, but every time he bargains it away. It’s time for the Governor to get serious about reform.


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What Powers Prosperity?

Here’s a very clear answer: Working families and the middle class – we are the engines of the economy. It’s not the stock market or corporate profits that make the economy work for people. When we have good jobs, we can educate our kids, care for our families,...

Gov. Cuomo’s Missed Opportunity

I just left the Empire State Plaza Convention Center where Governor Cuomo presented his agenda for this year’s legislative session. He’s calling his policy package the “New York State of Opportunity Agenda,” but when you look at what he’s proposing, it seems more like...

Governor Cuomo’s “Missed Opportunity” Agenda

Governor Cuomo presented his 2015 state budget today, and it’s not looking good – unless you’re one of his billionaire campaign backers.   Besides a plan to privatize the State Fairgrounds and doubling down on a broken teach to the test model of...

The People’s State of the State

Held the day before Governor Cuomo’s State of the State, the People’s State of the State is meant to highlight issues that are often lost in the Governor’s speech: the needs of the poor, New York’s growing inequality and the state’s...

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