Renewable energy is our future

We’re bringing the movement for good jobs and clean energy to Albany. Are you in?

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Take On Wall St

Let’s Take On Wall St!

Our economy and our democracy have been taken away from us by Wall St. It’s time to fight back.

Demand Democracy

We’re Here to #DemandDemocracy!

New York’s democracy is in crisis. Every voter’s voice should be heard – every voice should count equally. But right now, billionaires are drowning out the voices of ordinary New Yorkers are far too many voters are discouraged or prevented from voting.



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August 19: Activist Check-In

I think I’m running out of creative ways to start off this email… I was going to lead in with how bummed I was about the Nightly Show getting canceled, but that would be too depressing. Then I thought, “duh Stanley, mention the guy from the Olympics that tripped over...

New York Consumers Raise Concerns About Health Insurer Merger

Consumers and regulators alike are raising red flags about a proposal by the health insurer Anthem to acquire Cigna, creating an even more gigantic company that will be the second largest insurer in New York State, by premiums collected. Nationwide, the combined $54...

August 12: Activist Check-In

While you read this email, I’m somewhere in Harlem trying to find a way to keep my foot elevated long enough to convince my girlfriend that I’m in good enough shape to go outside. Oh, I should explain. Earlier this week I broke my toe in a freak bike accident. And by...

August 5: Activist Check-In

Why is the summer going by so fast? I swear, five minutes ago it was the Fourth of July and I was looking for a BBQ that I could crash. Two hot dogs and two waters (Coors Light) later, and we’re closing out the first week of August. Guys, I’m not ready for the summer...

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