Tell Congress: Reject Trump's attack on refugees

Demand that Congress immediately address Donald Trump’s unconstitutional executive order and demanding the release of all refugees being unjustly detained.

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Lead on Climate

Gov. Cuomo: Lead On Climate

Governor Cuomo should support the Climate and Community Protection Act, which would transition New York to 100% renewable energy.

Protect Good Jobs

Stop Trump’s attack on New York workers

Support the workers who are striking at chemical giant Momentive – defending their health care and retirement benefits.




Activist Check-In: Peace Out Puzder

How are things on your side, are you taking care of yourself? I hope so. Donald Trump and his ragtag team of corporate billionaires is driving me crazy - sometimes it's hard not to be angry all day. But if we're going to defeat his agenda and stand up for people of...

Activist Check-In Podcast: Nantasha Williams and the Women’s March

We're back with another awesome Podcast, and this week I had the honor of speaking with the National Organizer for the Woman's March, Nantasha Williams. Nantasha has some cool news about the March and gives us the inside scoop on their March 8 action. A Day Without...

Labor Secretary Should be a Champion of Working People

Good riddance, Andrew Puzder. Puzder’s withdrawal is a win for working people everywhere who stood up and fought back against the billionaires who are rigging our economy and destroying good-paying jobs. Puzder is a fast-food CEO who has a record of mistreating his...

Activist Check-In: The Battle of Easy D.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up like any other day and braced myself for the latest in Trump news. I didn't see any headlines about the world being on fire or the United States "declaring war against the sun" so I figured it would be an easy day. Then I made the...


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