Amazon: Stop stealing workers’ time!

The Supreme Court ruled that Amazon doesn’t have to pay its warehouse workers for the 30 minutes they’re required to spend waiting on security screening lines every day.

Tell Congress to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure workers are paid for their time at work!

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Tipped Workers

Lawmakers: Raise the wage before your pay

New York has the worst income inequality in the country. Millions work multiple jobs but can’t make ends meet. This legislature can’t raise their own wage until they raise the wage for all New Yorkers.

Oil Trains

Stop Cuomo’s Radical Education Agenda

Billionaire hedge fund managers dumped millions into state elections this year, and they won. With a Republicans Senate majority, Governor Cuomo and his Wall St friends are poised to steal our education system. We need to stop them now.


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All New York residents would be covered with single-payer insurance

Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal breaks down why a single-payer health insurance system is the way forward for New York in this op-ed in the Journal News. She points out that while the Affordable Care Act has been hugely successful in expanding health care enrollment —...

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In response to the decision not to indict Darren Wilson, ColorOfChange is asking President Obama and Attorney General Holder to arrest and prosecute him. Sign the petition. Actions are happening around the country today. Here is a compilation. Please check with your...

Morning News Clips

ISSUES Fast food workers’ push for fair wages goes global. “According to the New York Communities for Change, it would take 864 years for a McDonald’s worker on minimum wage to make what CEO Donald Thompson makes in a year.” The Guardian Charter...

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TOP NEWS President Obama announced a major immigration policy shift that will prevent the deportation of millions. New York Times –Make the Road NY held a watch party last night. Latin Post –The new policy doesn’t cover everyone. Daily News...

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